Travel Nostalgia


I always fear

first nights home

like a spear

the sinking feeling



without meaning.


Waking moments spent


Eyes don’t know where

to rest.

I guess that’s for the best.


The weather,

the people.



the feeling.

It plays on repeat.




It’s all spilling



Please make it stop!


I just want to feel at

home again.

Why does this place

feel like a hole

I stole.


Then the lights

go off,

being alone with

my mind.

Tick tock tick tock

these thoughts, I cannot block.


Lost identity.

I’m a roaming ghost —

made of obscenity

just for a while


I hope most.


Hello y’all I wrote this poem on my first night home from a long holiday abroad. I felt confused, with nothing to do. My home felt unfamiliar and I started missing all the little things I used to do there. So I tried to occupy my mind with drawing, writing, filming to keep the feeling of nostalgia away. It’s a strange feeling that comes every year and I can never put a finger on it and I can never tell the exact moment it leaves. I felt like I had lost something I never had anyways.







4 thoughts on “Travel Nostalgia

  1. Do you think that travel changes us subtly, but just enough to make us react to familiar surroundings in a different way? Sort of like fog can make us a little confused even with very familiar places and objects? I like this poem a lot and your explanation below it. Thanks for visiting my place – I look forward to reading more of you work. Kind regards, Andy

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    • Hello! Thank you Andy, I’m glad you liked it! Your comment really got me thinking – and yes, I agree with you. Travel breaks up the routine our mind is so used to perform in our daily life. And when we come home, going back to the routine is hard. We are feel slightly discombobulated and even a bit disappointed, not knowing what to do with ourselves. It is as if we were seeing the familiar places and objects again for the first time. Best regards and looking forward to more of your insightful comments, Anthea.

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