Pretty Girls. Better Not.

Missing out

on pretty girls in

pretty dresses

downing drinks

that poke holes

in their throats


Coats and coats

of laughter


press record!



pretty girls

with their

pretty faces

cry themselves

to sleep

because pretty

is never enough


they’re made out of


posting pictures

that define their


because they are

nothing more


emptied out

by ghosts of themselves

on silicon screens


But these pretty girls,

we are all jealous of.

Living in the perfect



Eyes follow

all movements:

a swish of a too-short skirt

and they’ve got

someone begging at those

barely standing knees.


Pretty girls

stick fingers where

they shouldn’t

so the stomach

remains as empty

as the rest.


It’s ok. Red

lipstick will cover

the cracks

concealer won’t

tell others these

pretty girls don’t



Maybe I want to

be a pretty girl

in a fur coat:

a lover in one hand and a

bottle of wine in another.


Better not.


One thought on “Pretty Girls. Better Not.

  1. Hello,

    This poem is profoundly deep and painfully pertinent to our culture, here in America, in regards to beauty standards and the over-sexualization of women.

    What you just described is something I see on Facebook and other social media sites all too often.

    Thank you for so creatively and expertly narrating a topic that needs to more discussed far more often. You work is brilliant.

    The Stormy Poet

    Liked by 1 person

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