My mother probably knows more about me

Crawl under the haze

but don’t bend

your knees-


block the guilt.


i’ve been taken


controls out

of control


heart collapsed

too tired to

lift a finger.


delusional state

check mate.

take off your mask

too late

to (re)restart on a

clean slate.


words stamped

on my eyelids

look away

it’s hard to face


place a blame



transiet presence

of the mind

you try to switch

it back

but it shies

away with the


of people:

girls with

dyed eyes

tapping empty

cups like hearts

that only serve

to pump that

purple blood like

cheap wine.


And boys shuffling

back, mouthes

speaking out


never looking

above the shoes.


you don’t know


but then again

you lost yourself


my mother

probably knows

more about me


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