You’re beautiful

without boundaries

but full of stray corners

one can whisper its way


at raw four in the morning

head full of fireflies

or a simply

burning candle –

like ones you see in films.


You’re quite something,

but not unexplainable

yet, or as much as you

want to be

I’ll see through you at


I’ll trace icy veins over a veil

of thick ivory skin

juxtapositions over

juxtapositions over

the different smiles

delivered depending

on the sunlight


You’re a flower,

not a rose

not lovely and

I love it

without knowing the


You’re probably missing a petal –

I’ll weave it into my


proof you’re this something

so strange


and you see yourself

as perfectly perfect

I love watching you

squint at the mirror

thinking you’re something so



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