Sleeves climb down,

covering un-bitten fingernails

I pull them up, they slide

glide back down.



I lied.



I want my hands covered,

and my scrunched up face too,

eyebrows too scared to flinch

lips that stumble over words like

shoes over

unpaved gravel

please stay


or i’ll muffle you up

with oversized clothes

a fringe like curtains and a neck

like a dead rose,

these eyes will never see beyond

the outline of my nose





you get access

find the address

to that shining, gleaming creation

of perfection like reflecting marble

without a speck of dust.

it’s where words flow like a current,

you feel the water’s

veins pulse against your tongue

as you let it plough

through those clenching teeth.

Formulate, create words

without having to bite on to,

hold on to,

scraps of meagre


unscrew your skull

from this self defined


it’s all just your own blueprint


of a personal


stop feeding yourself

with people instead of




Let these syllables

glide like rollerblades over smoothed out

cement that extends like your arms,


from your own burden

of over-attention to looks

and thoughts and




To speak,

you don’t need




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