slightly tipsy slightly inspired

ps. no corrections, this is left as raw as the 3am moment i wrote this in. some words may remain unexplainable and completely made up

anthea live in the moment because the moment is all that exiasts, nothing else exists literally everything else is all in the mind: the past., the future. so feel everything fully in the moment and accept it as part of the flow of life and that u cant control it. stiop resisting and just enjoy the sensation of being alive and be greatful for it.

its 3:42am

and ive never loved

writing so much

and never loved

art so much

i could paint over the world

without hesitation

invincibilty is a drug

i wish this could not be

so very transient like those

creases in clothes-

that will eventually smooth out

my hands

fly all over the place


making sure it all

exists making sure

my bodys still here and not

floating somewhere else

with the thought of (idea of)

someone else

majestic sounds

flood through my ears

and ill steal a beat gladly

let it be my art in disguise

i love art so immensly. so much more than ever, and im baffled but i slightly know what’s going on. this intoxication makes everything so evident and clear. im not someone different, but I know myslef much better after the assumption of this burning liquid. art allows you to break your own walls, it is probably the most subjective topics in the world. i hoenstly hate art exhibitions because the choice of which artwork  shown is based solely on aesthetics and relatabiltiy- sincfe all humans somewhat agree and have simialr criterias. also, is it counted as cheating if you take substances that alter the way your neurons commucate when you make art? is it still your art? or the drugs’? How do you claim somthing when youre not in the tipical state of mind sometiems i feel like art is the most raw when youre on something because we are only true when we are either intoxicated or alone.


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