not like in the movies

it wasn’t a spark

it was nothing so romantic

but it kept our hearts





under each other’s



and it licks my lips close

and tickles my teeth.


i want to be able

to look past your eyes

catch whispers of ramblings

as you skip two steps

or catch your breath

and hold it in for a second too long-

what do you think of then?


i’ll spill out my fears

splay them out on the table

like cards,

shards of my nonsensical mind,

you can pick what you want

or just rip them all in halves or quarters.


and this heart can’t expect,

but here I am;


and I want to know

how your lashes cut like

the edge of a waning crescent

or maybe how they feel on my skin

after a shower,


or count the times you’ve

mumbled velleities about how

you don’t like your freckles

on the seams of

your cheeks


and everyday

we’ll stretch like a


bounce back


come back


it won’t be perfection

more like a dissection

of this affection

(p.s and that’s what i love about it)




6 thoughts on “not like in the movies

  1. Whimiscal Thread, you continue to drip quality ink, ma’am.

    This poem has got me thinking. I had an experience just like this not too long ago. How timely of me to stumble across this wonderful piece of art.

    Thank you for sharing your artistry with us.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet

    Liked by 2 people

      • This is like the best compliment you can give a poet. I’m honored that I could provide this experience to you, ma’am

        Thank you for taking the time to comment. It means the world.

        One Love,
        The Stormy Poet

        Liked by 1 person

      • My apologies for leaving the previous comment. I was responding to someone else and got confused. You may delete that comment if you wish.

        What I mean to say to you was, you are more than welcome!

        The job of us poets is to capture and magnify the very rare and the peculiar instance of life. You did so masterfully.

        Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art with us.

        The Stormy Poet

        Liked by 1 person

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